Good Good Friday

Well it’s a wonderful three day weekend. I’m at my aunts house enjoying family and a fish fry. After this last week at work it’s totally what I needed.

I’ll be honest with you guys, I don’t generally get stressed out about my job in general, but this last week hasn’t been to much fun. So for now while I’m hundreds of miles away I’m not going to worry about it.

While I’m out here in the country I’m take tons of pictures and getting ready for some awesome blogs. I’m blogging from my iPad so there really isn’t a way to share the pictures 🙂

If you don’t hear from me between now and April 25 much just know that my school is in emergency mode until the science STAAR test so I’m busy at work. On Sunday my baby turns 8 and the next weekend I’m hosting a slumber party! I must be crazy!!

For now it’s back to watching my kids playing UNO way past their bedtime, but hey what happens at Aunt Mary’s stays at Aunt Mary’s! 🙂

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