And now the anxiety sets in…..

So I just finished baking the cookies…you know the ones you read about this morning?

I felt great about my idea. I felt great about doing it for my friends. I felt great about spending my evening doing something for someone else instead of being lazy and surfing pinterest. But this is all over now.

Now I’m worried….

I’m worried there is some silly law that you can’t eat cookies on STAAR testing days.

I’m worried no one will like them.

I’m worried I have made them look so pretty that no one will know that they can eat them.

I’m worried 168 was not enough.

I’m worried someone won’t like them.

I’m worried the hubster might get in trouble for delivering them. (he works for the school too, so it’s totally ok)

I finally had to look at him and ask him to just take them before I broke them down and threw them all away. Nothing could go wrong if I didn’t deliver them right??

Well have no fear, he has left and the cookie drop has been made. Though he called and said we got caught. Hopefully she will keep my secret.

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