An Amazing Trip

Well I’ve posted about the visit to the Sherwood Forest, but there was so much more to the weekend. We left early morning thursday with a mission…it was to have a good time, to take our time and to make memories. My family was lucky enough to have two honorary members of our family take off work and join us for the weekend.

We planned to meet up with Holley and David in Brenham at the Blue Bell Factory. It was my hope to take everyone to the factory for the first time, sadly it seems a trip to the ice cream home was on EVERYONE’S plans for spring break. So we decided to keep our men from getting grumpy and we gave up on touring the factory.

So we went to have lunch and partake in a new tradition that we can thank Uncle David for. First we had lunch at K-bob’s and then we walked over next door to have hand dipped ice cream from the ice cream store next door.

There is something magical about pigtails and ice cream cones

After ice cream Holley and the Hubster switched placed in the vechiles and I got some girl time while Rex and David got some boy time. We were having a good time laughing with the boys driving right behind him. At one point Jillian started crying so we did want any good parent would do and we pulled over and made a bottle. Of course it wasn’t that easy. First the bottle was cracked so we had to dig through suitcases and find another one. Then while Holley was making the bottle ants were crawling up her legs!! So Veronica is feeding the baby while Aunt Holley is washing her shoes, leaving our men in the truck behind us wondering what was going on. We couldn’t stop laughing!

When we were finally ready to get back on the road we drove straight to our hotel. Everyone was grateful for the chance to get out of the car and relax for a little bit!

Jillian stretching out after a long day in the car seat.

Once we were settled and relaxed it was time to fill our bellies! So we went to the bar-b-que place next door to the hotel.

Danielle is not too excited about dinner.

Friday we went to the fair and had an amazing time
. Jillian got a small sunburn on her cheeks and by the end of the day we were all hot and tired. So after returning to the hotel and getting cleaned up and cooled off we wanted to head to dinner. I told everyone that it didn’t matter where we ate, but that I needed a margarita to relax. So we walked to the Mexican restaurant that was next to the hotel. As soon as we walked in and the mariachi band started playing we turned out and walked out. There was no way any of us were going to relax and enjoy dinner with all that noise going on.

So what do 4 people do in a strange town with no dinner plans?? They pull out their smart phones, because “there’s an app for that”. So we ended up across the street to what we all agree was the best fajitas we have ever had!! It was amazing how that happened, and we were more relaxed at the end of the day!!

The next morning we had breakfast at the hotel with our friends. Danielle dropped some pancake syrup on herself and when Uncle David told her to get her napkin wet to help clean it up she reached for her orange juice. It was a funny lesson for everyone! Then it was time to pack up and head home. Since we were in the area I made the family stop at the Antique Rose Emporium. Some of the best pictures I have of my girls were taken there. So we played around and had a little photo shoot.

My beautiful girls

The wind was blowing, the sun was shinning…it was an amazing day. The grass was green and soft so I couldn’t help but take my shoes off an just let the blades of grass dance between my toes.

In a strange turn of events my husband was the one in shoes and I wasn't!
An amazing rose growing's shades of purple and red.

On the way back to the jeep we had to stop and let a garter snake cross the path first. It seems that everyone was out enjoying the amazing weather.

Danielle walking through the tunnel.

My family had an amazing time and we are taking today to rest and relax before getting back into the routine. Jillian has slept like crazy and the girls are enjoying staying in their pj’s and watching t.v. I have spent some time researching and dreaming.

While at the faire we discovered this summer camp for my Veronica. I think the education could be tremendous for her and she is very excited so I’m trying to find a way to pay for it. Luckily it falls on a time when there is nothing on my calendar.

We are equally thankful to Holley and David for joining us on this trip. I am always grateful for the love and friendship they have given me and my family. I am excited at what the future holds for these two. Thank you guys for being such an important part of my family. 🙂

Now it’s back to bed times and alarm clocks. It’s back to the books and piano lessons. However only 10 more Mondays in the regular school schedule, this will be a piece of cake!!!

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