Our Family visits Sherwood Forest

This weekend my family and I journeyed into Sherwood Forest to join Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

I have often talked about how important the Ren Fest is to my life and how we are making it important to our girls, I believe after taking my husband Sherwood Forest Faire will be equally important in our lives now.

My little fairies stopped to talk to the critters living in the tree stump

Next stop was the face painters.

Then I ventured over to the children’s section of the fair where my girls climbed all over the castle.

Doesn't she look like a princess calling out to her prince from the top of the castle??
My little Fairy trying to scale the castle wall.
Of course we had to stop and take a picture with the Ogre
We took time out of our day to watch some live chess between the fairies and pirates.
Then it was time to watch the brave knights at the Jousting arena.
The Knights were kind enough to let the girls ride on their war horses.
Look at the princess coming up on her horse.
Stopping for a funny foto.
Playing with the fairies.

There is an awesome amazing story that took place at this fire pit with the fairies. I will share it with you guys, but Veronica says she is going to write a journal entry about it….since it’s her story I’m going to type up her journal entry when she gets it to me.

Wait….what??? I’m sorry I got distracted….

Ummmm...excuse me?? I don't remember Ariel being in Sherwood Forest

Ok I’m sorry for that, but some things are just too awesome not to share. If anyone would like to be Ariel for the next renfest I think I know where you can get that pattern!! Now back to my regular blog.

We love the fairies at the faire
Mommy and Jilly
Our family in Sherwood Forest

One thought on “Our Family visits Sherwood Forest

  1. The memories that you and Rex create on a regular bases for the girls is something that most kids will only experience once or twice in a lifetime. I know that I have said it before, but I can not stress it enough, that you and Rex are great parents and you do an outstanding job raising the three girls.

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