Happy Pi Day!!

Well it’s the one day of the year when I get excited about Pie! Lucky for us it’s always during spring break so we mess up the kitchen and make as many un-pie like pies as we can.

This year the menu was:

1. S’more Pie

2. Snickers Pie

3. Apple Pie

First was the Smore Pie

Danielle adding the toasted almonds and chocolate chips
Adding the marshmallow creme. I kinda cheated on the recipe and didn't make my own marshmallows.

Then we had to wait 4 very long hours for it to cool in the fridge. Once it was all cooled and hardened we were ready to heat it up again.

So I put it in the oven to lightly brown the marshmallows.....Oops! It was still yummy!
Very yummy! My family didn't like it as much but it was my favorite.

Next up was the no bake snickers pie.

Even a pie can taste good when it calls for these!
We had to wait for this one to cool also. Everyone loved this one!
Everyone loved celebrating Pi Day

We had a surprise lunch with my husband’s sister and her husband so we didn’t get to the apple pies, but we all agree those we be yummy too. We might just need to find another reason soon to enjoy a “pie”.

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