God’s Plan

This morning while making a morning run to Sonic, Veronica saw the check I had written for Jillian’s day care. She said “mommy 500.00 dollars! That’s a lot. I’m never having kids”. Then I reminded her that that was just for one day care bill. I told her that having kids isn’t all that bad, it’s just best to wait until you are married and you both have good jobs so you can afford to take care of your kids.

So we started talking about how to plan to have kids. She said that she knows she was a surprise. I explained that she wasn’t really a surprise she just wasn’t planned. She said “Yep Jesus knows when things are supposed to happen”. I explained to her that we tried for 3 years to have Danielle, but the way things worked out if Danielle would have come on any different day, month or year our lives would have been 100% different. It could have changed when I graduated from college. It could have changed when I got a teaching job.

So Veronica went on to explain to me how it all worked. She said that the Angels up in Heaven are God’s messengers and they receive all the incoming prayers. They put them in the order that they feel the prayers need to be answered, when God sees the prayers come up on his desk he can either decide if it’s one that needs to be answered right away or one that needs to wait for another time. Veronica explained to me that if it needs to wait God will put the prayer into the month that it needs to be in.

I agreed with her and told her this is why we are debating about putting in a prayer for another child. We know that God’s timing is right and perfect but we aren’t sure it’s something we want to happen.

So I send you hope from my 7 year old. If you are sending prayers up to God and not getting an answer, just realize that it isn’t because he’s busy or because it’s not important, it’s more because he picked the best time for it to happen for you. 🙂

One thought on “God’s Plan

  1. What a beautiful family! Indeed God is a GREAT God to give such wonderful blessings to you, Sarah and Rex. Ya’ll are blessed and wonderful!

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