Being kinda serious for a change.

This evening I was relaxing in the bathtub enjoying the sounds of my life. The hubster was sitting in the rocking chair feeding Jillian her bottle. Veronica was brushing Danielle’s hair and trying to teach her the importance of getting the part on your head exactly straight, when Danielle mentions Medusa and how she doesn’t want to have her hair. Then Veronica goes on to teach us about snakes and how they don’t blink so it’s impossible to win a staring contest with a snake. My life, even with all my anxiety issues is so calm and peaceful and happy. I have medicine for my kids when they need, food on the table every night and a loving hubster who would move the world for me if I needed him to.

Sometimes it takes hearing about the awful things other people have going on in their lives to really understand how good you have it. First of all I was shocked to see this on my Facebook wall. It hit a little too close to home for me.

I teach 11 year olds and to just imagine them living on their own, teaching themselves, in a SCHOOL BUS!! Do you guys know how small a bus is??

A few days ago I saw this logo

I didn’t think much of it. With the election being this year I just assumed it was another person running for office. So then as I was visiting my normal blogs I ran across this video.

I have heard of this problem before, I think. I’m not one to just join up a political movement. I’m not one to call a congressman. I don’t know maybe I’m lazy, maybe I’m scared, maybe I’m just uneducated in that area, it’s just not something I have ever done. However now I’m kinda feeling on fire (I credit the marketing genius behind the video). I make a difference in kids lives every day, but as a teacher am I really doing enough? Sometimes I feel like I spend more time teaching them how to underline a key word than how planets stay in orbit. I think I need to find better ways to spend my summers. Things that help other people and teach my children what’s important in life. Things that can make my daughters proud.

So I have done my part…I have gotten the word out to my 8 viewers (thanks guys 🙂 ) I have thought about how good I have it and how lucky I am. I have to go out with a song from the late Whitney Houston:

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