Birthday weekend!

For as long as I can remember Birthday weekend has been something I planned for a whole year! My mom was born on Feb. 19th. I was born exactly one week (and a few years) later on Feb. 26th. So we always celebrated the weekend in between. Well rewind 4 years and my little Danielle was born on my birthday! So now we have 3 birthdays to celebrate!!

This year we are going to the zoo to see the Africa exhibit. Then we will take Danielle to see the Dora 4D movie!!

and you thought Dora was annoying on your t.v. at home! 🙂

After that it’s off to one of our family favorites downtown…the Spaghetti Warehouse. We eat there all the time when we have date nights with the girls. I’m so excited for this birthday because Danielle is finally getting to the age where she is going to have fun with it too. She helped me plan this weekend adventure. She picked where we ate. She told me who to invite. Of course she picked out the cake too.

Danielle's birthday cake!

And just so my mom and I were forgotten, I picked up one of my favorite things: a cookie cake!!

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