Sunday Shorts!

1. My little Jillian LOVES when I’m on the computer. She likes to sit on my lap and touch the track pad and see what happens. So she’s “typing” this blog with me. If you see any strange marks…it’s all her fault. Remember I don’t go back and proof read. 🙂

2. Last night the hubster and I went out and had dinner and saw The Vow. It was a rare visit to the theater to see a chick flick, but since it was my birthday date I was able to get it. 🙂 It had your normal chick flick problems, and ending, however it was a little different. It started up a lot of conversations between the hubster and I.

3. This weekend is a 3 day weekend!! I truly feel if companies are looking to save money they need to work just a little longer on a work day and have a 3 day weekends. Everyone loves 3 day weekends!! 🙂

4. The weather has been awesome over here, rainy and cold. My favorite!!

5. With all the stress of figuring out our anniversary trip gone, the hubster and I are having fun thinking of things we need to pack and what we want to do while we are there. Even though it’s not the trip I planned 10 years ago…or even 10 months ago; I’m very happy with our choice.

6. My birthday present will arrive on Tuesday!!!! If anyone is looking for a birthday present for your favorite blogger…..this would be perfect 😉 Oh and it’s on sale right now, with free shipping because of the holiday, just saying. 🙂

7. we have teeth!!! I thought to post this right now because she has m hand in her mouth drooling all over it and biting. that’s live blogging right there for you interwebz.

8. Well there’s grocery lists to make, weekly menus to make, baby drool to clean up…yep just another day in paradise over here.

Have a great week interwebz.


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