Breakfast…it’s what for Dinner??

Once we tried to have breakfast for dinner and Veronica flipped out! She cried and refused to eat because she couldn’t understand why we were having breakfast for dinner. So we decided that we would stop trying to have breakfast for dinner and would wait until she was older.

We have joked about it a few times since then, saying things like “I’m in the mood for eggs”. She would look at us with fear like she really thought we were going to do it.

Well this evening Danielle said she wanted breakfast, to be more specific she wanted cereal!! So I gave Danielle the option. I asked her if she wanted spaghetti or breakfast. I honestly thought that between the two she would pick spaghetti.

So with Veronica sitting at the table steaming mad, the hubster made biscuits and gravy, eggs and hashbrowns. Veronica kept saying she didn’t understand….we already had breakfast today. Her daddy told her that he would make spaghetti for breakfast for her and she almost started crying! She said that wasn’t right, that wasn’t how it was supposed to work. She did finally eat some cereal, saying that was ok because she had had cereal for dinner before.

I think it’s funny how that bothers her so much. I always loved it growing up when my mom would make me scrambled eggs and tater tots. She finally asked why we had to have breakfast for dinner and her daddy told her it was because she was so upset about it. It’s a hard thing to learn but sometimes you have to be willing to let go of the little things that don’t matter. She also needs to learn early that her daddy likes to shuffle her skittles!

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