A Warning!

So after I posted my sunday shorts I noticed that I never received an e-mail. I subscribe to the blog so usually when I post something it sends me an e-mail, so if you aren’t getting the e-mails maybe you need to resubscribe, or not worry about because I still like to think that no one is reading this. 🙂

I posted a few times about how my anxiety has been really bad lately. I’m not sure why it is, but I’m going to find someone to talk to about it. I’m going to be upping my meds. I just have to be careful with taking days off. So until then I might be using this blog for that purpose. Now I don’t want this blog to be all depressing and “OMG I’m going crazy” so I’m either not going to post them or password protect. I would rather this blog be happy and about my wonderful kids then the demons I battle in my head from time to time.

So please don’t be upset if there are password protected post. It’s just an inner battle that I need to get out and I’m just password protecting it because I don’t want the blog to go that way. I might go find my old one that no one has the address to and share it there. I’m not sure.

Anyway….have an awesome week interwebz!

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