Weekly Wrap-up? Saturday Shorts? Around the House?

Not really sure what to call this post, it’s basically I have a lot to say and they aren’t all connected but I want to say them all at once. So here goes!

1. Austin was wonderful! I learned a lot. I ate at some of the best restaurants in town. I survived Bar Hoping on 6th street which included 6 shots and 2 hurricanes! I was even able to make it up and to my 8:00 a.m. class the next day!! I still have some of that college girl in me! I had quality time with my husband, we even started reading a new book together.

2. I really REALLY need to quit reading my work e-mails when I’m away from work. They tend to stress me out.

3. I decorated my bedroom a little bit. I never focus on it because it’s not the room everyone sees. However when the hubster told me it was actually bothering him that it wasn’t decorated I knew it was time to do something about it.

4. Me + Hobby Lobby + frames on sale = a really bad thing!! Oh well now I’ll have new and updated pictures to put around the house.

5. I ❤ dates with my girls! We went with my mom this afternoon to dinner and see Beauty and the Beast in 3D. It's such a heart warming sight to look over and see Danielle in her seat, popcorn in her lap, 3D glasses on upside down with the biggest smile on her face.

6. Speaking of dates with girls, we had to take Jillian with us since the Hubster was "working" this evening. I will admit I was scared to take a 4 month old into the movie theater, but interwebz that little baby of mine sat in my lap and watched that whole movie! She cried when ever we turned her around and she couldn't see what was happening. She did finally start to get fussy when the beast was turning into a prince, but I just walked her by the door and she finished the movie from there.

7. Since we are still talking about the date when we went up to Olive Garden for some reason they sat this wild bunch of girls in what can only be described as the dating section. There were couples everywhere. I guess they were out on their Valentine's dates. So my little lady Danielle, stands up at the edge of the table and points her booty at a table of love birds next to us…she farts really loud and starting laughing and singing "I farted". The couple stops holding hands and looks at us. Luckily we were done eating so I got us out of there as fast as I could. I do feel that those couples should be thanking us because I just gave them at least a month a free birth control! 🙂

8. I bought m 7 year old a bra today!!! OMG they grow up so quickly.

9. Two weeks from now we are going to celebrate our annual birthday weekend! Danielle will turn 4 and my mom and I will gain another year also…I love that we all have our birthday's so close togther.

10. This cracks me up!! As a person who has cats it’s so true.

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