3 Wishes

Admit it…you’ve dreamed about what you would do if you rubbed a lamp and a big genie popped out. I’ve been thinking about this again lately because of the last episode of the awesome show Once Upon a Time. I know that as I have grown up my 3 wishes have changed.

I know the wishing rules; you can’t wish for more wishes, you can’t bring back loved ones. I use to always think my first wish would be to not worry about money any more. As I have gotten older I realized that that could mean I was homeless and money wasn’t an issue. Well I can promise you that wasn’t what I wanted. So you have to be careful with those wishes.

So my wishes changed and grew with me. Being in alone in the house this weekend has given me the calmness and the silence to spend some time in my head. This time in my life I would wish for these three things:

1. Courage- I want courage to tell people no. I want to be able to say “I have enough on my plate, please find someone else”. I want courage to chase the crazy dreams I have. I want courage to not change my mind when I get disapproving looks. I want courage to show my daughters all the things they need to learn in life. I want courage so I can be brave for my kids. I want courage so I can take back all the control over my life that I have given away.

2. Wisdom- I want wisdom to know the right decisions to make. I want wisdom to teach my daughters. I want wisdom to teach my students. I want wisdom to chase my dreams. I want wisdom to take the correct path at the time. I know sometimes that taking the wrong turn leads you in a better place, but wisdom would help me to make that wrong turn into a better experience.

3. Confidence- This wish of confidence is for me and the future I want to have, but it is also for the Hubster. I want confidence to chase my dreams. I want confidence to walk into a room and take it over without saying a word. I want confidence so I can stand up straight, look them in the eye and talk without my voice trembling.

These three things would be like living in a whole new world for me*. I know that my wishes are simple. These aren’t things I need a genie for. These are things I can get for myself. So I shall become my very own genie…and take care of my very own wish fulfillment.

* Did you really think I was going to write a post about a genie and wishes without making an Aladdin reference?? 🙂

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