This is not the post you are looking for.

So it recently came to light that I had NEVER seen the Star Wars movies, when I asked Hubster to explain all the “these are not the droids you are looking for” references I was seeing every where. So after all my friends and family picked their jaws up from the floor and said it was ok for him to remain married to me as long as he fixed the situation quickly, I borrowed the movies.

We are slowly but surely getting through them. Now I only have to watch the original 3 to make the hubster happy. Honestly if you were to ask him he would say that the rest of them shouldn’t even exist. After watching the first two I feel it’s time to give my opinion. Yes we are still going to watch the 3rd one. So here it is guys:

1. Harrison Ford was a hottie in his younger days! Hell, he was a hottie in his older days too…just not his super older days. Though I found myself wanting to pause the movie every time there was a close up on his face so I could try and place the time he received his famous scar.

2. John Williams is my hero!! I ❤ him!!

3. The way they make movies sure has changed! It's nice that there isn't as much cussing and sex. If I thought my daughter would be interested I might just let her watch them.

4. Ok I don't know if this will shock you guys or not but the character I can identify the most with so far is C3-PO. I find myself thinking a lot like he does. R2D2 is cute and if he wasn't made of metal I would want to cuddle him.

5. I understand why people are crazy about them. I understand the excitement and the pull into the story and the world that surrounds it. To be honest though, if I wasn't married to the man I'm married to I would probably go my whole life without watching them.

6. I also have to say that I find the movies very relaxing. I'm sure that if George Lucas knew that he would think I'm crazy. But there aren't wild and crazy special affects. The colors (at least in the first two) are calming. Maybe this goes back to the fact that they were made so long ago. I don't know.

So would I watch them again…I don't know. I'm not upset that I'm watching them. They might be a movie I put on from time to time for background noise and to glance up at once in awhile.

Oh and Yoda…very wise…but he really REALLY needs to learn to talk correctly!!

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