Sunday Shorts

This weekend has seen Jillian sleep like crazy and cry from being so hungry and tired at the same time. She eats a bottle half awake and falls completely asleep before she can finish it. I have been woke up with Veronica and Hubster throwing up. So after the first week back at school from the holidays only two things got done this weekend, laundry and relaxing. Looking at the next 4 months it’s a good thing we took this time to rest because there won’t be time for it later.

1. I’m so excited for this next weekend!! I’m going back to my home town and I’m taking a dear friend with me! We are traveling for the baptism of little Jillian. She is being baptized by the same priest that baptized my other two kids and married my Husband and I. It just means the world to me.

2. This week is also pay day so I have that to look forward to. This two day cares is making life rough, but we can do it. We will just have to be a lot more disciplined then we ever have before. I think we have seen the end of our kids eat free nights at Busters.

3. I haven’t scheduled a girls night out in 2 months. The holidays always mess up our scheduling, but I got one scheduled for Friday!! I can’t wait!!

4. I saw a sight this weekend that really made me think my family needs an intervention. Laptops, ipads, iphones…each person hiding in their own device. I promised I would never become that family and I while I wasn’t looking we already did. There might have to be some internet silence rules made for this house! Soon!!!

5. With it being 2012 and the rest of the school year planned, I have been thinking about summer. Yes summer is planned…but I’m thinking about the days that aren’t. The work weeks when the girls and I are at home while Daddy is at work. I think we are going to be crafty. I’m combing pinterest for any and all ideas that my girls and I could put together.

6. Over Christmas Holidays when the kids and I went to Aunt Mary’s house we had a bow making day. I love that my girls are wearing their bows every day. Veronica has had to make sure she has one to match every outfit. I also love that they had a hand in making them so they have taken ownership. I have already told Aunt Mary when we go back that we will be ready to make more bows.

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