Around our house

Danielle: “Mommy does my breath smell like Dragons?”

Me to Hubster: “Why did you do that you evildoer?” Cue big grin on hubsters face, so I turn around and say “I am not evil!”

As we were talking at dinner I asked the family what they wanted to see happen in the New Year. Danielle said “Be more bouncy!”

On New Years Eve we threw bedtimes out the window and let the girls stay up as long as they could. I knew that neither one of them would make it till midnight, but I wasn’t going to deny them the opportunity. Well at about 10:00 Danielle is walking around crying. When I asked her what was wrong she said “Mommy I want to stay up and be bouncy”. When the kid is wide awake crying about wanting to stay up I knew it was time to put her to bed.

After dinner one evening D started crying. I pulled her up to me and asked her what was wrong and in a soft pathetic little voice she said ” I don’t want you and Daddy to kiss”. Now for the record we hadn’t kissed at all that day, we were just talking about how we were going to be saving up for a big 10 year anniversary trip.

Sometimes I amazed at the way my Veronica thinks. She got a lockable box for Christmas and when she was telling me her combination she said “I’m going to skip count by 2’s 4 times”. I’m ashamed to admit how long it took me to figure out what she said.

Today we took Danielle to daycare and Veronica and Jillian and I are home. I told Veronica that since Danielle wasn’t here she could watch anything she wanted. She looks at her watch and says “By my calculations, if I start right now I can watch all 3 Harry Potters before it’s time for D to come home”.

She’s only 7 guys!!

Danielle trying to get a snack while no one is looking

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