Shorts for the New Year!

This title actually has a double meaning; It’s my usual shorts (or something like them), just not on a Sunday but it’s also because we were ringing in the new year in shorts because it was so hot. Of course not 24 hours later I had to turn the heater on because it was too cold.

Well let me be honest, I have set her for an hour trying to think of a cute little organized list of shorts I could share with you. The problem is that I have lots of things on my mind but nothing that fits into a nice list like I want it to. Also nothing that is very “short”.

I could be boring and talk about my goals for the New Year, but who wants to hear about goals that people don’t keep? I could talk about what I would like to see happen, but I make so many plans that never happen. I’m just a dreamer who is always making dreams even if half of them never come true.

I could talk about meddling in my friend’s life and if it’s a good idea or not. I have two single friends that are curious about each other, but neither one is comfortable enough to make the first move. I would love to see these two together, but it’s not my place to but into their lives. Or do they just need a little nudge to help get them started? Do you know how amazing it would be? Our family would basically grow because they are both like family to us. But again it’s not my place. Then if they were to break up the campfire talks would be awkward and that would make things weird, but that’s a selfish reason. So for now I just sit back and hope that it works for them like it did for me…what’s meant to be will be.

For now I think I will just spend this last day of vacation and second day of the new year getting ready for all that is to come. All that I have planned and even those things that I don’t have planned. The things that will pop up and surprise me with no warning. The things that will be different and the things that will be the same as they are every year. Tomorrow it’s back to work, so for today I’m going to enjoy it.

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