Get your Calendars ready!

As we prepare to begin the year, normal people every where are looking at their Calendars and planning important trips and birthdays. Me? Well I already know that East is on April 8. I already know that Friday July 13th I have a family date with my kids and the new Ice Age movie comes out. I already know that on Saturday Dec. 15, 2015 I will go take my two oldest girls to the Alley theater and in 2017 we will finally go to the Nutcracker as a family of five.

But what would happen if we didn’t have to guess every year. What if we knew that Christmas was ALWAYS on a Sunday? That is just what these people would like to happen.

Now for those of you that don’t know, the Earth doesn’t go around the sun in an exact 365 days, that’s why every 4 years we have “leap day”. We have to make up for that 1/4 of a day. I always wondered what difference that 1/4 of a day made, but according to this article we would eventually end up having Christmas in the spring if we didn’t make up that time.

So how would a calendar that never changed work in “leap time”. Well every 5 or 6 years there would be a leap week added to the end of the year. An extra week! Would that mean at Christmas teachers would have 3 weeks off on leap week? Probably not.

So here is my opinion: why change what works? Yes I am one of the few that gets excited about questions like “What day is my birthday on this year” and “When will be baking cookies at Christmas”, because it all happens depending on Christmas day. I hate the idea of this. What about those kids that were born on leap day, they already only get to celebrate their birthday’s once every 4 years, now you are going to totally take their birthday away from them?

Now the Hubster surprised me by saying he loved this idea. Maybe only those that are obsessive about planning and putting things on a calendar hate it? I don’t think it will ever pass, but I thought it was an interesting idea. I had never thought that the calendar needed changing. 🙂

One thought on “Get your Calendars ready!

  1. I like the idea. While I would have to make minor adjustments to my curriculum calendar each year, I would NOT have to completely re-invent the wheel each year to account for sporting events, testing, holidays, and grading period requirements.

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