Too blessed to be stressed!

Well the gifts are opened, the cookies are decorated, the turkey is carved and we are all having fun visiting with family. The holidays were what they usually are with the exception of celebrating Jillian’s first holiday. We baked our cookies and decorated them. My family has gotten some amazing relaxing time and even though the to-do lists keep growing I know it’s what my family neeeds right now. We kept to our traditions like My Grandma’s homemade Chicken noodle soup on Christmas Eve. We modified others so they fit in with a family of 5 better. We found that we get to decorate more cookies if we bake them the day before. My girls got to play with both sets of cousins and now we are relaxing in the country with Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy. I love the new beginnings that come with a new year and have been thinking about all the things I want to accomplish in 2012. Of course my summer is already all booked up, but that doesn’t surprise you.

And while I might not know where diapers and formula for the baby will come from between now and payday. I might have to get creative with Veronica’s lunches for the next 2 weeks of school. AS I was sitting in my big comfy chair on Christmas Eve surrounded by Christmas lights and holding my baby watching the girls play on the floor, I realized that I was too blessed to be stressed.

So for right now I’m going to go back to my family. I promise pictures later when I’m actually on my computer. I’m still working on our end of year slide show. Oh and there’s a great post coming up tomorrow for my 9 year anniversary!

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