What’s for Dinner?

So tonight we are meeting part of my family for dinner. We’ll be eating later than usual so they girls and I are having lunch later than usual. So when I asked them what they wanted they both shouted “Ramen noodles”.

Now let me tell you about me and Ramen. I never had them until college and of course then I’m eating them all the time because they were cheap and I was broke. Then I went off got a job and send ended my relationship with Ramen. I was not upset by this because to me it was a “poor food”. Yes I know how snobby that sounds.

Well then I get pregnant with Veronica and the only thing I can keep down for 3 months is Ramen. So I have a new relationship with the noddle. It’s not a poor one, it’s a comfort one. When I can’t eat anything else, when my stomach feels like it’s trying to escape my body, I turn to Ramen.

Enter the hubster and my kids. They love the noodles. They would eat them every meal if I would let them. This kills my soul! I will sometimes let the hubby make them for a side dish to a big meal, but I had when it’s the focus of the meal. So of course this is what they eat when I’m not at home.

I don’t know why I have this thing about Ramen noodles. Maybe it’s because I grew up in a time when steaks for dinner were for celebrating something, Sunday dinners were so big that it was the only meal we eat that day and every dinner had a meat and 2 sides. My mom would never imagine just feeding me Ramen noodles for dinner, no matter how broke we were.

So why I am sitting here at the dining room table typing this blog watching my two girls devour their bowl of noodles? Well with 3 kids sometimes it’s better to take the easy way out. Sometimes you just need to see a curly haired 3 year old with a mouthful of twisty noodles. Sometimes when it’s what they want and it’s easy you just need to be grateful that your kids have cheap taste.

P.S. I don’t know what’s up with the advertisements on my blog…if I knew how to turn them off I would. Sorry. 😦

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