A Christmas Story

Today we have a guest blogger. This story was written by Veronica. I’m just typing it from the the paper. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did.

Mrs. Claus bakes gingerbread cookies for the stockings each year. She pokes this gingerbread. I was mad at Ms. Claus. She did not care. She stuffed me in a box. Now I was even more mad! Put me back I yelled! She still did not care. She put me in the fridge for a month! I grew more and more impatient with her. I was also very sad. I missed my family. Finally she took me out of the fridge. I screamed “I’m free”? She looked at Santa and asked if he said anything. He said no.

She put me in the microwave with the other gingerbread people. I finally saw my family again. I was very excited. Suddenly it got really hot. Finally she took us out and put us in a bag. I was scared, but at least I was with my family. I heard bells and thought it was Santa’s bag. I said with glee “We are going to be put in stocking”! Santa traveled all over the world. Finally he got to my stop. I peeked out of the box and saw something. It was snowing. I saw a house.

Santa went down the Chimney and O.M.G., the stocking were hung by the chimney! The tree had ornaments on it and under the tree there was a set up that looked like Santa’s workshop. Finally Santa got to the stockings. Santa put a pink gingerbread girl in mommy’s stocking and a purple one in Danielle’s. He put a blue one in Daddy’s stocking. I was violet so Santa put me in Matka’s stocking.

In the morning everybody ate their gingerbread man except Matka. She looked at me and said “You look like my angel Veronica”. I jumped up and said “I am Veronica”!

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