A little bit of Everything!

Well I knew with 3 kids and going back to work it would be hard to find free time. So I’m sorry it has been awhile interwebz. I’m going to try to update you guys as best I can.

Well work is great! I’m probably one of the few people that can say that right now, but it truly is. I still love what I do. People are still positive around me. I got my big evaluation back from my principal and let’s just say that it was coated in awesomesauce!!

Jillian is growing like crazy! She’s sleeping through the night even better. Goes to sleep at 7:00 like the rest of the girls and wakes up at about 5:45. She’s started smiling a lot more. She looks at and follows the girls when they talk to her. I can’t wait until she is running after them.

Speaking of my older girls, I think they have been abducted by aliens!! Every single morning for the last few weeks they have been asking me to fix their hair before school! It’s awesome. There is no battling, no crying. They just tell me how they want it to look and I fix it for them.

We still don’t have any of our Christmas up at home. I feel like a bad mom because of it, but we just haven’t had the time. It will happen then weekend though!

I have some new pictures to share with you guys but I’m going to put that in another post. With winter here I hope everyone is staying warm!

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