Random Thoughts

This is going to be a lot like sunday shorts, but since I missed it on sunday I had to title it something different. 🙂

1. The 2 month check up and 5 shots they gave my baby can kiss my ass!! She has been fussy, feverish, and throwing up since. I know it’s just the shots. It’s the 3rd time I have been through this. Poor hubster has been staying up with her at night and taking her during the day when the daycare won’t accept her. I just want my baby to feel better!!

2. Ever have one of those days that’s just wonderfully awesome?? You are cooking with awesomesauce and things at work are going perfect? Well that was my day today, and what made it 10000000x better was it was witnessed by my boss, while it was holding a camera!!! I was floating on cloud 9 all day today and the compliments I received from both my principal and my assistant principal didn’t hurt anything.

3. My mom came up and took us out to dinner. She needed some granddaughter time. It was nice to sit by the fire and the Christmas tree at the restaurant. I can’t wait to start putting up Christmas stuff this weekend!!

4. Walking up it’s been in the 30’s in the morning. I ❤ it!! This kind of weather can stick around forever.

5. Tomorrow is lab day then only one more day at work. I have two 4 day weeks because of workshops in Huntsville! I'm excited. They are taught by a good friend of mine and I just love hanging out with her.

That's about all for now. I need to get some sleep so I can take over for hubster if he has another rough night. As I told my students today "May you have a day deep fried in Awesome butter"!! 🙂

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