Monday Shorts

1. Well we cleaned all day yesterday so we can hang out in our pajamas today.

2. Last night when I tucked the girls in they didn’t want to sleep under the covers because their beds looked so nice.

3. In 2 days my bestie and her baby will be here to spend the holiday with me and my family! I’m so excited to spend time with her.

4. I’m so thankful for the whole week off this week!

5. I think my little Jillian is going through a growth spurt, she’s sleeping and eating like crazy.

6. My daughter is a nerd! She asked her daddy to bookmark and for her on the laptop. She has been playing them every chance she gets.

7. I wish it were colder outside. I like the holidays better when it’s freezing. At least it’s not 110 anymore.

8. Ok sadly I have to admit that this is a first for me. It’s 9:30 and I haven’t woken up hubster yet. I always wake him up in the mornings because I don’t like him sleeping the day away. I’m trying to go for 10:00.

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