Sunday Longs

This past week has been busy busy busy!!!

On Monday I took Jillian to have lunch with Veronica at school. We surprised her by bringing her Daddy along with us.

On Tuesday the Hubster and I went to a google leadership class. It was awesome for me to go because I got new ideas, and it got me ready to start thinking about school again.

Wednesday was finishing up all those school things I put off during maternity and taking Jillian up to the school to meetings.

Thursday I had my 6 week doctor’s visit and then I went up to the school for more meeting. Only this time I took Jillian with me so my students could meet her.

Friday I officially went back to work!! It was a day early and the kids were so surprised to see me. Even when I was standing in the classroom they asked me if there was a sub for me there today. They are so silly.

Saturday I went off with some awesome ladies to the Nutcracker market. It’s this amazing place where you can buy all kinds of stuff. From Christmas decorations to spices, and clothes and much more. Hubster always gets excited when I go because I come up with good stuff for him to cook with.

Sunday it was life back to normal. Cleaning house, washing dishes and those kind of things. I went up to my classroom for about 2 hours and got a ton of things done! I even have my lessons plans ready for the week we get back from Thanksgiving. It’s so nice to be back in the swing of things.

Well the changes that I have been talking about at work are taking place. I think it will be ok. I think it will actually be better for me and we all know how selfish I am. 🙂 I have a new baby on the way…ok not a real baby a work baby. I have been allowed to give life to a vision of mine and I’m beyond excited!!! It’s going to be amazing, I won’t talk much about it now, but just know this has the chance to open so many doors and not just for me.

This week should be pretty normal. It’s my first full week back at work, nothing too major happening. I’m ready for Thanksgiving because I have tons of fun things planned for that. So interwebz I hope you have a great week. I have so picture to post when the baby isn’t screaming for food. 🙂

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