“Frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”

According to the American Film Industry that is the most popular movie quote of all times!! Of all the millions of movies that have been made the quote from Gone with the Wind is still the most popular. That tells you the power in movie quotes.

Even my own family can have a whole conversation in movie quotes. We quote Disney movies, Veggietales, anything we have all seen. Danielle likes going around singing “They call me Mister Pig”. Veronica quotes Aviator the Last Airbender (the cartoon). It’s pretty much anyone’s guess what movie quote is going to come out of my husbands mouth.

Now imagine my surprise when I pull a fairly popular movie quote out and he looks at me lost. For you to understand I have to give you the back story:

::Cue fuzzy screen and flashback::

We had just gotten back from a walk with Jillian in her stroller at his parents house. I went into the other room while he tended the baby. When I walked back into the living room I noticed that the play pen was empty and the stroller was in the corner. So I walked over to it looked in and said “Where’s the baby?” Finally I find her with Hubster, and he looks at me and says “What did you think I put her in the corner?” So what did I say interwebz? Of course it was “Nobody puts Baby in the corner”. All I got was a BLANK STARE!!

Patrick Swayze
Dirty Dancing
OH Emmm Gee I must get my hubster to a DVD player as quickly as possible. So I told him the next time we had a movie night…it was Dirty Dancing night!!

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