I will not take the blame for this one!! Veronica yes I told her he wasn’t real. I told her the stories of Father Christmas and all that. Danielle I didn’t. She hasn’t asked yet so I haven’t said yet.

That is until this past Saturday when we made a trip to the local Wal-mart. We walked outside and there was a group doing a bake sale and they had brought Santa out. Yes I know it was October, but that’s not the point.

D looked at him the whole time we were walking past him. Then when we got out of ear shot she says. “Why was that guy wearing a Santa costume? I know it was just a man in a suit”. I didn’t say a word. I just kept pushing my cart of groceries out to the car. I didn’t want to face the wrath that I faced when Veronica told her whole Kindergarten that Santa wasn’t real, at least not yet. So I just let her talk about the man in the costume.

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