Actual Sunday Shorts!

1. I’m loving the weather this weekend! There is a nice cool breeze, it rained and the sun is shinning.

2. We have had good family time and gotten some stuff done around the house. It’s been a very productive weekend.

3. My little Jillian has had some tummy issues. She has been spitting up a lot. She seems really gassy and having trouble going to the bathroom.

4. What is the world’s obsession with Vampires?? Or I guess I should ask what is mine..I’ve started watching Vampire Diaries. It’s like a safer True Blood. But really every where you look there are vampires.

5. The back of my iphone is cracked!! Like majorly cracked. Seems to have happened right when the new ones came out…might have to look into a new one. šŸ™‚

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