Our trip to the Ren Fest.

I could write a book about how much the Texas Renaissance Festival means to me. The memories I have from a youth spent there with my grandparents. The way the chapel use to look, before the vines took over, at night during candle lite mass. The smell of the fair opening up, before the visitors arrived. The family feeling everyone had that worked there.

Yes things have changed. I no longer have the all access, backstage pass to the Ren Fest that I grew up with. The people that I knew have all moved on. The mud men no longer wrestle in the middle of the fair where people can get pulled into the mud also. However for me the magic is still there. I look at the fences that keep us visitors in and I know what’s on the other side. I know what happens behind those gates.
I will never forget when I was just meeting the Hubster he asked me if I have ever heard of the Ren Fest, and if I would like to go with him one day. Oh how little he knew about my past at that time.

So to keep some of the magic alive the Hubster and I have vowed to take our girls there every year. Some people look at me like I’m crazy for taking such young kids into a place like that, but I know it for so much more than the “sexy and alcohol” it has become. I know what time to get there and what time to leave by. I know what places to avoid and what places are the best for the kids.

So here are the pictures of our adventure back in time for last weekend.

My two youngest faries.
It's not a trip to the Ren Fest if you don't get your face painted!

The girls wanted to play, so their daddy bought them "bats" to hit each other with. They loved them!
We love festival food!

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