Finally found some quiet time for shorts!

OK so this weekend was a wild and crazy blur and yesterday was a quick run to the city so now that everyone is at work and school and it’s just Jillian and I hanging out watching netflix, I can post some shorts. šŸ™‚

1. Friday night all 5 of us ventured out to the Homecoming game. The oldest girls had a blast and I have pictures to post!

2. Saturday I woke up and told Hubster I wanted to go to the city. We needed a stroller for the baby, so her agreed to let me go to Babies ‘r us by myself! I took Veronica and we had a quick run into the city together. We found a stroller that we liked and it made our secret adventure on Sunday so much easier.

3. With it being October that means our local Ren Fest is going on right now. It’s a place that the Hubster and I hold very close to our hearts. We ALWAYS go the second weekend because it’s fairy weekend and everyone is wearing wings and it’s just so happy there. Well this year we decided not to do that. I mean what kind of parents would we be if we took a 2 week old to the Ren Fest with all those crazy people. I think awesome parents!! We woke up sunday morning, packed the car without the kids knowing and ventured off to a day at the ren fest!! I just couldn’t wait until November to go! There will be a post and pictures to follow.

4. Saturday night Hubster DJ’ed for the highschool home coming dance. I was nervous for him, because I wanted the kids to enjoy it. It seems they all had a good time.

5. While Hubster and Veronica were away at the dance, Danielle and I put the stroller together. My little 3 year old was actually a big help! She put the wheels on and when something was too hard so looked at me and said “Mommy this is too complicated, you do this part”. She is growing up so fast. Every day she is getting smarter and smarter. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for all 3 of my awesome daughters.

6. Saturday afternoon our A/C went out AGAIN!! We sweated it out saturday and sunday nights. The repair people came on monday and said they were going to have to order a part. Well I was not going to sweat it out another night. So we sent the two older kids to stay with their grandparents and the hubster and I took the baby and rented a hotel room. We’re back home now. I’m waiting for them to come with the part, but luckily a cold front moved in so I have the windows open.

7. On Monday Jillian and I went to Conroe for her 2 week well check. She has grown 2 inches since birth and gained 18 oz. She now weighs 11 lbs. The doctor said that her heart and lungs all sound wonderful!! When she goes back for her 2 month check up she will get her shots. I’m glad her daddy is the one taking her to that appointment.

8.The week we have our monthly Girls Night Out!! I’m so excited. I look forward to these nights all the time.

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