Tuesday Shorts??

Ok so I’m a couple of days late on my shorts…sorry I have a newborn. At least that’s going to be my excuse. 🙂

1. Life is still good. I’m getting stuff done around the house. Today I worked on some school stuff. I’m preparing for a meeting I have tomorrow. Yep I’m going up to school for a meeting, what can I say I love my job and the people I work with.

2. Saturday we had a pajama day at our house. The whole family just hung out and watched movies, the girls and I baked monkey bread. Danielle kept telling us that we had to stay in our pjs and then telling us the type of stuff that HAD to happen on pajama day. It was really cute.

3. Sunday we went to the in-laws and hung out with friends and family. It was a nice relaxing day and the girls even got to play outside in the rain.

4. We have a very busy week ahead of us, and I’m honestly looking forward to it. Jillian and I are going to Conroe on Monday for a dr’s appointment and to do some shopping.

5. The weather is cooling down, we are venturing outside more and more as a family. I think this weekend we might even plant some flowers outside.

6. It’s amazing the change that has come over myself and my family in the last two weeks. Yes there’s more chaos because of a crying baby, but this we can all handle. There is no shortage of people who want to hold her and love on her and feed her when she needs it. Even Danielle begs to change diapers.

7. I might have mentioned this and I might not have but the blog is about to undergo a major change. I want to keep it, but I’m feeling like I need it to be something new. I finally figured out what I want it to do and look like. So just be warned that a change is coming, but it’s a good change. 🙂

8. The weekend the Hubster and I were talking and I started doing some long term math with our kids. We were talking about when they will start school, when they will graduate school, college and stuff. It was kinda over whelming. Don’t worry I didn’t put those dates on the calendar. I really can’t bring myself to put Veronica’s high school graduation in the year 2022 on my calendar. That’s my baby and she will never be old enough to graduate high school. 🙂 It was just interesting to think about and I know it will all go by really really quickly.

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