THE question

So funny thing about having babies…within 24 hours of having one people start to ask you “the question”. If you have ever had kids you know what question I’m talking about “So are you going to have any more?” With 3 girls we also get “So are you guys going to try for a boy?”.

Even the hubster asked me, on the day we were driving home from the hospital with our 26 hour old baby!! He said it was because he wanted to know where my head was and months from now when I started to question my feelings he wanted to know how to help me out.

I know that I am some what to blame for this question because of my dislike for odd number. I always said “If there is a 3rd there will be a 4th”. I wanted everyone to have a partner. I didn’t want anyone to have to ride a roller coaster with a stranger. I wanted us to be able to be divided nicely, to fit in a box perfectly as I always like for things to fit.

Ok but now let me be honest with myself. Having a baby just to be an even number is stupid! I know that, actually let me correct myself, I knew that the first time I said it. The truth is pregnancy is hard on my body, it’s hard on my family. Birthing a baby…well honestly that’s easy. I could do that once a year, it’s the getting to that point that is too much for me. I’m not getting younger and the older you get the more risks there are involved both for me and the baby.

Also I’m ready to be done! Starting in November we are going to be paying $1000.00 a month for day care and it scares the crap out of me. We’ve done the math it’s still cheaper to do that than for me to quit my job and stay home with the girls. That’s still a lot of money. However I know it’s just temporary. In the fall of 2013 Danielle will start Kindergarten and then we will only be paying one daycare. Then Jillian will start Kindergarten and we will feel rich! 🙂

I’m ready for family vacations. I’m ready for the trip to Disney World I have been dreaming about for my girls. I’m ready for new furniture, and more fun things for my girls. So to answer the question for you interwebz, when you add age, money, risk and family you get a happy little family of 5. We are a whole hand and I can be very content with that. So what if we are a prime number. I just have to keep telling myself that that’s part of the chaos that my husband brings into my life everyday.

When I go to my doctor in a couple of weeks I will be speaking to her about permanent birth control. I might even get both the hubster and I fixed just so the great planner in the sky can’t play any jokes on us.

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