Around our house

From time to time I have posted funny stuff said around our house. Well with a new baby at home there is no shortage of funny things going on. So here you go:

1. While talking to gaming buddies on teamspeak the Hubster says: “Mine’s sitting right here sniffing the baby”. Now since I was only able to hear his side of the conversation I have no idea what they were talking about, but I can only hope it was about cats. Our Sassy cat was on the bed next to me while I was feeding Jillian.

2. Danielle has been saying things to her little sister like “when you cough you are supposed to cough into your elbow” and “no Jillian we sit criss cross apple sauce”

3. D has been asking to feed Jillian…so comes up to me and says “Today I’m a big sister, I have to feed her”.

4. D was going through the ages of everyone in the house an asked how old I was..I told her I was a 3 and a 2. So she said “Mommy I’m 3 too…so we are both big girls now and not babies”.

5. When we were driving home one evening D was looking at the moon and she told me this big story about how there was a man sitting on the moon fishing for the sun. She said that we should try that. She went on to say that I could sit on the moon and hang my feet down, she would sit in my lap and Daddy would be below us to catch us if we fell. Then we would try and fish for the sun.

In that same conversation she kept saying how happy she is. How she can tell how happy I am and how she wants our family to stay happy. I have such an amazing little family!!

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