Sunday Shorts: Happy Family edition

1. Well we are all home and getting into the swing of having Jillian home with us. The girls are totally in love with her and it seems between them and their daddy the only way I’ll get to hold her is when I’m home alone!

2. Having said that the Hubster and I have been commenting how we are the most well rested parents of a newborn in the history of parents. She sleeps 3 hours at a time…eats, gets changed and go back to sleep. We started her out with the Bed,Bottle, Bath routine the first day she was home (yes we even did it at 7:00). I guess because this is our 3rd go around at this we have been able to split nighttime duty perfectly between us so that no one had to feel overwhelmed. Now tonight it might be a different story because Hubster goes back to work tomorrow, but I can nap during the day so I’m not too worried about it. Our little Jillian is totally spoiling us.

3. Danielle is so sweet! I bent down yesterday to get something for her and she said “Mommy you can bend down again!”. The girls had gotten use to having to pick stuff up from the floor for me because let’s face it no 9 month pregnant woman needs to be bending over. So Danielle is excited to see I’m turning back into the mommy she knows. She keeps telling me how happy I look and how she’s happy.

4. The animals have discovered the baby. Sassy wouldn’t come near her for a few days, but this morning at 3:00 a.m. she sat there next to me the whole time I was feeding her. Every time she starts to cry Zeus runs to her or follows me into get her.

5. We ventured out to Wal-mart today. It was a very quick trip for batteries and formula. I have to say it wasn’t so bad taking all 3 girls.

6. While folding clothes in the living room I looked out my window and saw a person walking their dog in a stroller….umm what’s the purpose of walking the dog then?

7. I have set up a “station” for me while I’m home on maternity leave. We have a baby caddy, and Hubster has made sure all the t.v. stuff is working how it should. I’m hoping to be able to relax, enjoy the baby, and get a few things done for work that I haven’t been able to do.


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