She’s Here!!!

Jillian Alexandria was born on September 28, 2011 at 1:35 p.m. She weighs 9lbs and 14 ozs and is 20 inches long.

I must say that I felt the most contractions with this birth, and they were painful!! The doctor came in at 9:00 and broke my water and I didn’t get pain meds until 10:00 and that was an awful hour (I’m sure I’m getting a few eye rolls from the grandmothers right here)! 🙂

The nurse checked me at 11:00 and I was almost halfway there, so with the pain meds working and nothing going on I took a 2 hour nap. At 1:00 the doctor and nurse returned and said “It’s time”. There was also another patient of my doctor’s next door who was ready at the same time, so we were in a race. My doctor was concerned about the baby’s size and went to get help in case she got stuck because she was too big. They got the table of medical instruments ready and I started pushing at 1:15….4 contractions and 20 minutes later it was all over and Jillian was here!!

She has been very alert, looking around, grabbing at EVERYTHING. The nurses even commented how she doesn’t act like a new born. She had a great night’s sleep, going to bed at about midnight and only waking up at about 3:00 a.m. for some food.

She was born with a red tint to her hair and Hubster and I knew right away she was a Jillian. Her middle name comes from listening to the Hubster talk with Veronica about cultures and their beliefs in the power of names and a google search. Alexandra/Alexandria means “defender of the people” and comes from some books we have been reading and cultures we have been studying. So I let Hubster pick which way we were going to spell it. He chose Alexandria (I know that’s different than what we texted some of you). So our little “youthful defender of the people” is here! She has a very serious look in her eyes all the time. She is showing signs of being just as stubborn as everyone else in my house. She seems to have the opinion as long as she is feed and dry she’s happy. Her daddy won’t let her out of his sight, and even gave me a sad face when they had to take her into the nursery for some blood tests. I’m surprised he lets me hold her at all!

Our family has been very blessed with the arrival of Jillian and we are all so happy to finally get to love on her! Oh and it doesn’t hurt that I’m starting to feel “normal” again.


She looks just like Danielle did when she was born.

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