A recap

In the last nine months I have taken more cold showers than a 17 year old boy dating a girl who is saving herself for marriage. I have frozen my family out of the house and complained about it being too hot at the same time. I have had crazy mood swings. I have felt trapped inside my house by the sun. I have felt like a bad mom to my daughters for just watching t.v. with them during the summer. In just a few short hours it will all pay off though.

We are checked into the hospital!! Contractions are solid and strong. I’m hooked up to all kinds of monitors. This morning my doctor will come in and break my water and then we’ll get this party started. Hubster is getting the last few minutes of sleep. I’m still sleepy but it takes so long for me to get comfortable that I just figure I should stay awake. So people in the great wide interwebz, things are still good. These monitors are annoying, I’m just about ready to order the pain meds.

I hope you guys have a wonderful wednesday!

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