A House vs. a Home

Growing up I moved around a lot. Not from city to city but from house to house. I actually only changed schools once, though I lost count how many times I moved. It wasn’t a bad life, I truly liked it. Everything was always new and I was getting to fix things up. Well my mom and I created a little test for each of our houses “The Comfy Test”.

Basically the comfy test meant when it was raining and the windows were open and the only light coming into your house was from the outside did the house feel comfy and cozy. Now this might be where you say that everything is comfy and cozy in the rain, but I will disagree with you. Sometimes it’s too dark, sometimes it’s too light. Sometimes you don’t get to see enough of the rain. At least for me there is a science behind it and just like Goldilocks it has to be just right.

Well lucky for me this morning is a rainy morning. The house is clean, the family is calm. The windows are open, there is no noise from the t.v. or ipads or any other electronics. My home feels just right!! It’s been a very long time since I have had this feeling in my own house, things like kids and real jobs and kids and dogs end up taking over all the free time and the house.

Today my house is a home. So I’m going to leave you guys sit in my big chair, drink my calming hot tea and listen to the sounds of the rain beating on my windows.

I hope you all have a wonderfully relaxing day too.

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