So I’m sure I have mentioned once or twice how hot it has been here in Texas this summer. Because of the heat and the pregnancy I have been a prisoner. It’s the only place a can find to cool off. This is what has been making me grouchy. This is what has been making every little mess in my house bother me so much. I get dizzy from the heat walking from the car to the house.

Well this weekend I was granted a weekend of freedom from my jail cell. It started raining saturday morning and didn’t stop until sunday night!! It wasn’t a rain that you had to really hide indoors from. It was one of those light, calm drizzles that cool you off and take you awhile to truly get wet from.

So I ventured outside!! Saturday morning I sat in the backyard and talked to my mom while my girls pretended to be scared of tadpoles. Saturday evening I went out to the country with my family. Sunday I sat outside and listened to the rain on a tin roof. I drove really fast past my children splashing them with a big wave from a huge puddle on the ground. I took a short walk in the rain just letting the cool drops of water soak my skin and clothes.

After the sun went down and the rain stopped I took a chair outside and just felt the wind and listened to the animals of the night start to wake up. It was a good weekend for me and very nice for me to finally be able to get of the house. Monday the temperature started to climb again…though 90 is cooler than 110.

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