A or B??

This post has the chance to go one of two ways. A quick little update about everything that has been going on since the last post….or a REALLY REALLY long emotional post about what has been going on in the last week. Who knows it might even become a combination of both.

Since I don’t know how I want/need it to go, I’m just going to start and we will all figure it out when I’m done.

First let’s start with the last post you read, about Veronica’s birth. After I posted it the hubster and I talked about how it was calm and planned and calculated. How it all went pretty smooth, no huge surprises (except the stay in the NICU). It’s funny that that’s how our little Veronica is. That is her personality. When I post about Danielle’s birth, it’s a little more wild, a little more chaotic, not so calm…exactly like our little Danielle.

The weekend was good. There were no big plans, just the usual house cleaning and bed resting. We let the girls stay up late one night while we all cuddled in our bed with ice cream and a movie. Sunday my mom came over and we did a few more things to the nursery.

Monday things got a little hairy. I had a visit with the High Risk Doctor, only it wasn’t her because she was on vacation. So I found out that the fluid around the baby looks good. Things are traveling in and out of the baby as they should, everything looks good except one thing. The size of the baby. She weighs 6lb and 9 ozs. At that point I was only 34 weeks, but my baby was measuring 36 weeks. Now this “stand in” doctor doesn’t know my history, my husband. I told him that I had BOTH of my other girls almost a month early and they were each almost 10lb. I just have big babies. He was still concerned though.

He said that he was hoping I would go full term. I think informed him that I was already told I would be induced at 39 weeks. Then he corrected me and told me that full term for a person with my kind of pregnancy (hyper tension) is 37 weeks. Do you realize how close that is interwebz??? We are talking days here!!! I’m so not ready! At this point I don’t even have a car seat to bring the baby home in!! I know it will all work out for the best, but goodness I’m not ready!!!

Things at work are…well let’s just say that this has been the craziest first 2 weeks of school in the history of schools starting. Yes that does include when we closed school down for a week because we were hit by a hurricane!! I wish I could write about them, but I like my job. I will say that 5th graders do some crazy crazy stuff.

I do have to give a shout out to all the awesome people I work with. They are taking such good care of me while I’m at work. I got yelled at by 5 different office people for sitting outside at the picnic tables while I waited for my kids to get out of lunch. They said if no one was there to walk my kids for me I was supposed to call the office and they would do it. It’s nice to know they care, but sometimes I feel really bad asking for help. Sometimes I feel like I’m taking advantage. I tell myself that it’s what’s best for the baby, but sometimes it’s still hard.

I think my dog knows something is up. Usually he sleeps on this big stuffed dog on the floor in our bedroom, but the last few nights he has been sleeping on the bed against my belly. I think it’s kind of cute. This will be the first time I have brought a baby home with a dog in the house. I know he will be fine with her, but I’m anxious to see what happens.

My cat on the other hand who has already been through this twice is no where to be found. Don’t get me wrong, she’s in the house (it’s too hot outside) but she won’t come near me. I just happened to see her sneak out of my closet this evening and go hide somewhere else in the house.

It’s September now, not only does that mean baby time…it’s means some of my favorite shows are coming back. I’m so excited! It’s funny to me how I’m more serious about shows now that I don’t have cable. I guess it’s because my DVR isn’t crowded with crap, so I only get the really good shows.

I think it’s funny that the people around where I live are praying for a hurricane. We need the rain and the cooler weather would be awesome.

Well this post has taken a turn and I’m not sure where to go from here. So I guess I will just stop. I will keep you guys posted on the arrival of the baby, I’m really hoping to get a date at my next appointment on Tuesday.

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