Sunday Shorts

1. I have an awesome surprise for you guys on Wednesday, so be sure to check back!!

2. This weekend marks the official end of summer. Monday and Tuesday are doctors visits, Wednesday is a much needed mani/pedi visit followed by a girls night out that evening. Thursday it’s back to work bright and early.

3. My girls have been gone all weekend long AGAIN!! This time they went to my home town without me for a family reunion. I’m grateful for the chance to sleep late and get stuff done that I can’t usually get done with them around, but ready to have a normal weekend around the house.

4. I’m 33 weeks pregnant now…the end is almost near! If I get induced as early as I did with Danielle then I will have this baby in 4 weeks!! We’ll see what happens.

5. With the girls gone this weekend the Hubster and I went through all the closets and all the dressers. My kids have a ton of clothes!! It was nice to get them organized though, now it’s just a matter of teaching the girls to keep them organized.

6. Sadly I had a break down last night. No matter what I tried I couldn’t cool off. I don’t know why, I hadn’t been outside. I took 2 cold showers in a matter of 3 hours. I had my window unit on and fans on. In my heat induced melt down we discovered that the house air wasn’t working properly. It seems I froze it over. So we turned it off for the night. I still swear there is no cold air blowing out of the window unit either, but Hubster says I’m crazy. I finally cooled off around 4:00 a.m. After I have this baby there will be about 4 or 5 months where I will refuse to have sex with my husband so I don’t get pregnant in the summer again (not that we are planning on more kids after this). This is AWFUL!!

Sunday Sillies

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