Mistresses Flora, Fuana and Merrywhether.

So today’s movie of choice by the girls is Sleeping Beauty. Danielle kept saying she really liked Beauty and it took me a minute to figure out that she was thinking the Princesses name was Beauty.

As I was watching the 3 fairy godmothers give their gifts to the Princess I started to wonder what type of gifts I would want my daughters to be given if we had 3 fairy godmothers.

The first gift the Princess is given is beauty. While I can’t really argue that in today’s world beauty is important I feel there is something that my daughters could benefit from much more. That is confidence. I would want the first gift to be confidence. I would want them to feel good about themselves no matter what. I would want them to know that they could tackle anything life threw their way.

The second gift she is given is the gift of song. I mean really what kind of Disney Princess would she be if she couldn’t sing? Well for my girls I would want to give them the gift of intelligence. I would want them to be smart both when it comes to books and common sense. Instead of shying away from challenges and problems I would want them to figure out how to solve them. To take the problems they are given and create the answers if they don’t already exist.

The third gift doesn’t really count in this situation, I wouldn’t know where to find a spinning wheel except in a museum these days. So already armed for the world with confidence and intelligence I would wish for my girls to know and experience love and kindness. I would want them to be nice and loveable and sweet and to get those things in return. Now I do believe that a fair share of hurt and heartbreak can help make a person stronger, but no one wants to see their kids hurt. So I would hope if they were hurt by someone they would be able to move on, learn from it and out of that hurt grow into a true love. The kind that only happens in those movies with beautiful singing princesses.

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