It would seem crazy is inherited.

So I promised the girls some arts and crafts time this afternoon. We’ve all watched our share of movies and they decided to clean their room tomorrow. As they were cleaning off the kitchen table so we could work, Veronica picked up an empty egg cartoon and said “we can use this for crafts”. I was excited about her creativity and encouraged her to hold on to it until we decided what craft we were going to do.

So we got our drinks and we sat down at the table. Veronica said “I know what we can do”. Next thing I know BOTH of my girls have a 1lb bag of pony beads and they are organizing them by color into the egg carton! Saying things like “This is fun” and “this is relaxing”.

You guys I swear this was not my idea!! Of course I supported it fully and joined in the fun…but I promise you I didn’t tell them to do it!!

It was funny to watch both of them enjoy it.
Here is my proof that it wasn't my idea! I never would have let the colors be organized this way in the carton. 3 reds and they aren't even next to each other?? No way!

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