Well here it is Wednesday and I guess you guys want a post. Actually to be honest you probably don’t want a post, you want a picture. Well we’ve been over why the pictures aren’t as frequent, but I promise I will try and be better about it. If I could just stop playing Chuzzle on my phone so I had battery to take pictures.

So what should I blog about?? You don’t want me to talk about what’s going on in my head…I have already invited you guys to that pity party enough this summer. I don’t want to talk about school starting because while I’m ready to get this show on the road I really just want to spend the next 50 days in bed letting this little girl kick and roll over and grow. I won’t even talk about the contractions that have started…don’t worry it’s nothing major, nothing worth worrying anyone about.

So when all that consumes me right now is the same stuff I have been complaining about, what do I blog about? I could play a little game with you guys that the Hubster and I play but if I don’t use my words carefully my mom will freak out. I’ll get a phone call asking what I meant and if I was serious. I could tell you that because of a family reunion it seems the Hubs and I are going to have our third kid free weekend in a row!! Trust me we are very blessed with family and friends wanting to spend time with our kids, but we have NEVER had them gone for 3 weekends in a row!!

So I guess for now I’ll talk about something that I generally don’t talk about. Not even to the Hubster a lot. My family and I are “different”. We think differently, we act differently, we feel things differently. There are things I know, things I don’t have to question. I know that my grandpa sent my daughter Veronica to me. I know that he was standing at the baby assembly line in Heaven and when he saw Veronica come down the conveyer belt he snatched her up and saved her for me. I also know that before he sent he down to be my daughter he put a bit of himself in her. I see it all the time, and sometimes I just have to laugh that I am raising my grandfather. Anyone who knew my grandpa and knows Veronica would have a hard time disagreeing with me.

With Danielle I didn’t have the same feelings. I tried but it just didn’t happen. As she grows and her personality develops I realize that is because she is EXACTLY like the Hubster. In her kindness, in her desire to make everyone around her laugh and be happy no matter what is going on. In her love of animals and her sensitivity but also in her ability to turn that sensitivity off. She has this crazy way of seeing what the situation needs to molding herself to be that.

Now with the upcoming arrival of baby number 3 I “feel a new presence” around me. My grandma has been in every single one of my dreams for the last 2 weeks. I am starting to hear her voice in my head when things aren’t exactly the why she would expect them. I haven’t “felt” her around me in many years and right now it’s a little exciting and a little scary. If she is having anything to do with this baby then this little girl is going to be the strongest, most independent, most hardworking woman alive! Only time will tell who this baby is going to be like, however if her kicks are any clue, we are in for one wild ride!

I realize how some of this may sound and let me first say that yes I am a little bit crazy (remember I take meds for it). Also please don’t think that I’m saying I talk with spirits or anything like that. I just tend to be in-tune with things that some people ignore. It has a lot to do with my super- hyper sensitivity. Also I’m not saying I don’t believe in God or religion, because trust me the fact that I am living where I am and working where I am is all because I took a flying leap based on my faith in God and I know for right now I’m exactly where he wants me to be (though just once I’d like to be in the planning room with him and get to give him my ideas 🙂 ).

So my blog where I didn’t know what to blog about turned into a get to know me session. Maybe I need to dig up a little more of my craziness to share with you guys. Have you ever seen a crazy person eat a bag of m&ms?? 🙂

2 thoughts on “Well….

  1. Hmm. Do you separate them into colors? Do you eat the smallest number first? Largest number first? Do you eat one of each color together?

    ….I separate them carefully, eat the largest number first, then second largest, etc until they all have the same number of m&ms per color – THEN – I eat a group of them (one of each color) until they’re all gone.

    Yes, I know I’m nuts. I don’t take medication for it… but there’s always tomorrow.

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