No Kids Allowed!!!

I might have mentioned a few times that I spend my evenings on a message board for women. Mostly women who want to have kids, already have kids, or are trying to get pregnant, needless to say the hormones are running wild on that board.

So anyway someone posted about a restaurant up north banning children. It’s a fancy upscale restaurant, not like your neighborhood Chili’s. It’s honestly the kind of place you naturally wouldn’t take children (in my opinion).

Now there is a No Kids Allowed Movement. It seems this restaurant started something. The public loves the idea and other businesses are looking into banning kids under 6. They are talking first class flights, movie theaters (only certain shows), even one grocery store has kid free hours.

Now of course some people are outraged. Some parents feel they and their children are being discriminating against. Some parents feel that children will not get the social interaction that they need as they grow up.

I have talked to Hubster about it and he and I personally LOVE the idea. I can not count the number of times that we have gotten to go out a date without the children and they sit us next to a table full of screaming kids, not just upset kids, we are talking screaming running around the table little terrors. Who can enjoy a dinner that way? It always makes me just want to go home because if I have to listen to kids I would rather listen to my own well behaved kids.

There are some fancier places I would be upset to see kids banned from. For example we like to take them to hibachi grills on special occasions. I’m buying Broadway across America tickets for the girls for a show coming next summer. However I have a special breed of child that talks and acts like an adult when the situation calls for it. My girls are very well behaved.

I’m not saying all kids should be banned. Since you can’t really smoke in restaurants why not a kid seating area and a no kid seating area? I guess my true opinion on this subject is this: Since we can’t force parents to be parents and everyone is free to raise their kids in their own way, we need some way to control things. Having kid free hours, or sections allows those of us who don’t put up with bratty, obnoxious children the choice to not have to. If I had a list of restaurants banning kids it would be the first place I would look when planning a date with my husband, and the last place I would look when planning a family fun day with my kids. I love my girls and I love to do fun things with them, but there is a time when you don’t want to be around kids.

Please share your opinion

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