PSA: Yawning!

OK interwebz I know that we all yawn! It’s natural. The hubster and I use to get into arguments about yawning because I’m famous for doing the “I”m not tired” yawn combo. Then when he would yawn it was just because he wasn’t breathing correctly (at least that was his story).

Well just so you are in the know to yawn means:
( intr ) to open the mouth wide and take in air deeply, often as in involuntary reaction to tiredness, sleepiness, or boredom

Well here is my Public Service Announcement about yawning!! Please cover your mouth when you do it!! Now I will admit when I’m home with my family I don’t cover my mouth all the time.

Some people look cute when they yawn!

Some people look crazy when they yawn!

Every time I see someone yawn I can’t help but think of this 1988 movie that I watched a million times! Bettle Juice. This scene always makes me think of a big yawn.

So just kindly remember, we can’t control yawning and everyone does it…but please cover your mouth!!

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