Sunday lots’o shorts!!

Well this week was bad, this week was awesome, some plans changed and some plans stayed the same. Sitting here Sunday afternoon I can honestly say that the week turned out just the way it was supposed to!!

1. I was supposed to take my girls horse back riding at an old college friends house. He lives in another state and it was my first time to see him in years. Sadly this pregnancy decided that it would be best if I didn’t make the drive and stay in bed instead. The girls and I were very upset about not being able to go, but it was best.

2. Wednesday was a good day. I felt better and the girls were in good spirits. So we spent the day preparing to take a little trip.

2 1/2. Thursday before we left for Victoria I had to go have some blood drawn and meet with the high risk doctor for a routine (at least for me) check up. She said that everything looks good. The baby weighs 3 lbs and 10 ozs. She commented about how big the baby was for 29 weeks. She said that I need to come back to her in a month (in addition to my regular doctor) and then as it gets closer I will have to see each doctor once a week. She also said that as far as she could tell she would have be induced at 39 weeks, unless something changed, or I went into labor myself. So that would put this baby born in September, which honestly was what I had already figured.

3. Thursday we went to Victoria to see our Aunt Mary and Uncle Tommy. They were going to take the girls school clothes shopping while I rested. Shopping is fun with my girls, but I just can’t handle it right now.

4. We took the girls to see Winnie the Pooh the movie and out to eat, it was a cute relaxing little movie. There wasn’t all the “hype” that there is with movies these days. It was sort of old school, but I kinda liked that.

5. Both nights at Aunt Mary’s house Danielle slept until 8:30 in the morning!! I think it was because she was so cold she had the covers wrapped around her head so she couldn’t see when the sun came up.

6. The girls came home with tons of new clothes and had a blast. I was able to sit on the vibrating couch and massage my back while watching crap t.v. It was awesome!!

7. Saturday the girls made dessert sushi and edible putty. The had a lot of fun playing with their food and then eating it. They even got to play wit their donkey friend and her new baby. I have pictures to share with you guys of the girls hugging on the donkeys.

8. The drive home was long, but the girls were ready to get home and see their daddy. Lucky for us he was out in the big city so we just picked him up on our way home.

9. Our garbage disposal went out, but we were able to have it replaced and fixed. This morning when we woke up our deep freeze had gone out in the night. Luckily we hadn’t gone to the grocery store yet so we didn’t loose a lot of food.

10. Today is Sunday and we are hanging out with my mom, the girls are giving a fashion show for their Matka and Daddy. Our living room is clean, and my mom came prepared to make us an awesome dinner.

This week didn’t start out the way I had planned and I was worried about the long trip with the girls, but it all worked out very nice. I just wish I would have felt well enough to go see my friend. This next week we are going to try and study our countries like the girls wanted to. As much as I didn’t have stuff planned for this summer, I seem to find myself too busy to do the one thing I did have planned. I go back to the doctor on Friday and my mom and Veronica are going to go with me because we are going to register for my baby shower coming up next month.

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