If you give a kid a cell phone….

If you give a kid a cell phone, she’s going to need texting.

Once your kid has the hang of texting she just might start texting people at 6:00 a.m.!!

That has been the story of our weekend!! Yep we bought Veronica a cell phone. I’m sure in most circles she’s too young. Trust me I don’t disagree with you. She likes to go on adventures and sometimes it’s hard to reach the people she’s on adventures with so for my sanity she has a phone. Don’t worry we have rules and guidelines and they will be followed. She is mature for her age and I think she will be ok with this. We shall see.

I had an awesome weekend and am starting to feel a lot better. My kids and the hubster left for the in-laws Saturday afternoon and left me alone to a pretty clean house. I haven’t had to do anything or worry about how anyone was feeling neglected while I was in bed. So it has been wonderful for my body and my mind. I honestly didn’t want them to go, but I love that my hubster seems to know what’s best for me and doesn’t give me a lot of choices.

We have another busy week this week. On Thursday I have 2 appointments with doctors and then I’m driving to Victoria for the weekend. I’m going there so my girls can get their school clothes shopping done with the help of Aunt Mary, while I rest. I knew that I wouldn’t be able to handle school clothes shopping this year, so my aunt has offered to do it for me. The girls are excited about our trip and the hubster is excited about his “bachelor weekend”.

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