It was an awesome weekend.

Well as you read before the hubster and I had some time a lone this weekend. We relaxed, we spent time together. On Saturday we got the family together and FINALLY finished cleaning out the playroom. Now it looks like a nursery. We need to still put the crib up in there and some more little touches, but I feel so good to finally feel like we are ready for this baby to show up. I promise to post some pictures when I get it done.

Then Sunday I went to Conroe and hung out with some dear friends from college. We laughed all night long!! I hadn’t seen some of those ladies in about 10 years. We all promised to not wait 10 years before we see each other again. So before we left the planning started!

That’s another thing that made this weekend awesome. I told hubster that I was really hurting for a “family fun” day and that I was going to go a little crazy with the planning as soon as we had the baby. He just smiled at me and said that he wouldn’t stop me. So…. I pulled out my calendar and started filling up March 2012 and even next summer. It just made me feel so good to be able to put those things on there.

Another thing about this weekend was that it seemed to last forever. I kept thinking it was Sunday and then I would stop and say, nope it’s Friday. It’s an awesome feeling to realize you have a lot more time left in your weekend then you originally thought.

This week I will hit the 3rd trimester officially. I go see my dr on Friday and we are going to go by the hospital while we are there. Not really for a visit, we have to talk to them about money. You know sometimes being a grown up sucks!! 🙂

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