Update Wednesday?

Ok I know it’s been a few days, well let me tell you that is had been a crazy few days in my house. Friday was hubsters birthday. We didn’t celebrate much, there were a big problem at work and he spent most of the day working, at least he was able to do it from home in his bathrobe.

He did however get it fixed in time to go out to dinner with me, his sister and brother in-law. Saturday was the 1st Annual Gun Powder and Lead Shoot-out. It was a fun time.

Sunday my baby had a tummy ache that lasted until monday and grew a fever and ended with my 3 year old in the emergency room with an IV of fluids being pumped into her. She was so miserable and I had a hard time watching her in so much pain. Because of the rush to Urgent Doc and then the emergency room, lunch was forgotten. That wasn’t the best idea as I got dizzy and threw up in the waiting room of the emergency room. At least we are all home and better now. Her stomach issue was caused from a UTI and lead to extreme constipation.

This week I seem to have resorted back to a parent of a newborn getting excited and running to look at every poop my child takes. 🙂

The joys of motherhood!

I looked a my pregnancy calendar today and we are officially 27 weeks!! Do you know what that means interwebz? I had D at 37 weeks, we could be 10 weeks away from meeting our new little girl!!!!!!!!! I have got to get that nursery finished soon! My next appointment is on the 15th of this month. I’m excited to see how the baby is doing.

For now that’s all I have. The girls are having an adventure tomorrow with their Aunt and Uncle. They are so excited. Danielle was crying in the hospital afraid she was going to miss it. I’m excited for the kids and I’m also excited for the time alone with my hubby.

Who knows maybe I can talk their Aunt Rosey into guest blogging about their circus adventure. 🙂

One thought on “Update Wednesday?

  1. Or maybe Uncle Wylie would guest blog. I’m going to be a gushing, excited kid… he’ll be more realistic. ^.^

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