Oddly enough it actually sounds kinda sexy!

We all know that sex sells. Why do you think at such a young age Brittany Spears was dressed as a “school girl” and belting out her famous songs? It’s the reason I have 5th graders in my class getting their nails done, their hair high lighted and their skirts shortened.

While the human race is always evolving in their sexual nature, nature itself isn’t changing. It knows what works to keep the species alive. Imagine my surprise when I walk into the bedroom and my husband asks me if I have heard of a singing penis. I have been around music my whole life, even attended band camp as a flute player (a big woohoo for those of you that got that joke) and I can honestly say that I have NEVER seen or heard a singing penis.

Apparently it’s the way the water boatman attracts it’s mate.

To produce the intense sound, the water boatmen “stridulate” by rubbing a ridge on their penis across the ridged surface of their abdomen.

The sounds can reach 78.9 decibels, which is like a passing freight train and who doesn’t get turned on by freight trains?

You can read more about this amazing insect and his magic flute over here. They even have sound clips where you can listen to his sexy song. I told hubster that I should make that my ring tone for him, who knows a singing penis might just turn a human on too.

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